Godzone Programs


For the students to get maximum learning outcomes, we have developed an AI-powered application Embibe -an exclusive platform that enables aspirants to maximize their learning outcomes. The application includes numerous relevant study materials, effective practice sessions&tests, educational videos, and assessment tests that help students prepare for competitive medical exams. The application has various types of tests for any learning level. It has module tests that cover syllabus concepts at the basic level, intermediate and expert level, full tests covering the entire syllabus. Mini-tests, unit tests, and other tests too to assess the level where one stands.

Typically, students are concerned about marks scored in any competitive exam. This might put the aspirants in a lot of stress as these competitions are tough to score high. However, marks are an important metric to measure a student’s academic ability. This is where ' Mission Doctor comes into play. With this, students can prepare and practice tests whenever they want that builds confidence. As it is tough to predict student capabilities with underlying talent attributes, Mission Doctor is built systematically ., taking into account the field of academic analytics and predictive modeling with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The app observes, identifies, stores, and processes a large number of attributes and features that can be extracted from a test given by a student using the extra smart skill measurability system. The platform has an AI-built academic and behavioral attributes measuring system. Academic attributes capture aspects of a student’s knowledge, whereas behavioral attributes deal with a student’s behavioral aspects. We have also developed machine learning-based techniques to determine a student's exam score using such attributes.


It is a usual scene that even the children studying at various entrance coaching centers are still unaware of the competitive exams, courses related to it, areas of placement, etc. That is where Q- career comes into play. This is our gentle initiative to help students who are preparing for the entrance examinations and help with proper career guidance, counseling, courses, classes, and expert mentorship.


It is said that teaching without inspiring is just like hammering on cold iron. With that being quoted, Q - TUNE is an initiative by Qubeta Mercury Academy of Science in association with Crafts Success- the pioneers in the field of student training and mentorship program to improve the performance of every student while preparing for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, etc. Q- Tune analyses the challenges each student faces while preparing for exams and provides solutions & proper guidance to the students to accomplish their dreams most successfully.

TUNE- expanded as Transform and Uplift a New Era is exclusively designed in the limelight of 15 years of expertise in the field of student training & result-driven career and mentoring programs to reap success.


Our program Medi Rise is for giving the students, special psychological support under our Medi Rise Experts. Because of the psychological pressure inherent to this process of exam preparation, consistency, admissions, learning, etc, we provide individual psychological support to the students throughout the process and then 2 times every year. We provide the best services under our psychology experts with in-depth counseling, support rendering, and other associated training programs. Since this stressful lifestyle often continues through learning, training, and practicing, this is a critical period for every student. We consider this as an important aspect to ensure the mental health of our students with instances of strong idealization and identification.


This is designed to help the students in preparing for medical entrance examinations and provide all kinds of admission assistance to enter into prominent medical institutions around Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Pondicherry, and Andra Pradesh through Medi Exams DAT, MAT and. WAT

  • DAT- Daily Assessment Test
  • MAT- Monthly Assessment Test
  • WAT- Weekly Assessment Test